Tim Evans


For over 16 years, our firm has used Danko Concrete on numerous projects, literally millions of SF of large distribution centers, complex manufacturing and heavy industrial projects. While some of the projects were straight forward and simple, many were design/build, fast track jobs for very complex manufacturing facilities requiring tremendous amounts of preconstruction coordination as well as last minute field modifications.

Regardless of the challenge, their people and firm always stepped up and work together to resolve the issue or problem associated with a tight budget or aggressive schedule. They consistently demonstrate a true “Team” spirt and recognize the importance of meeting the client’s expectation in regards to quality, budget and schedule.

No company is perfect, and problems will always arise, but how a firm handles a challenge and works with others to address the issues is the true indicator of their character, Danko consistently demonstrates the highest level of “character” with our firm.

We consider them a good friend and a good business partner!

Tim Evans, Evans General Contractors

Tim Evans // Evans General Contractors April 26, 2017