Tilt Panel



At DANKO, we have achieved a great reputation in the tilt-up market through our knowledge of the process and our commitment to excellence. We are consistently asked by our partners to consult on upcoming projects, providing the benefits and most economical way to produce a tilt-up project. We are experts in the process involving large industrial projects, retail, multi-story office facilities and complex manufacturing projects.

Our employees have perfected this trade for many years; we pay close attention to all aspects of this process. From the time that the panels are laid out, poured, embeds set, and erected; we take the extra step to provide a seamless process which creates a superior product.

We are active in the TCA and out projects have won numerous TCA Achievement Awards. We have multiple ACI/TCA Tilt-Up supervisors on staff, and are currently perusing the TCA Company Certification to solidify our commitment to this process.